Cowboys’ McFadden not among 25 weirdest phone-related injuries

There’s just not much worse than dropping an unprotected .

The seconds that separate the initial phone fumble from its final collision with earth are harrowing to say the least. There’s the ill-fated swipe to regain possession, followed by the hacky sack-style kick attempt, and, ultimately, should all of that fail, the final open-palmed, arms outstretched miming of where we wish the thing had landed.darren-mcfadden

So, when reports surfaced that Dallas Cowboys running back broke his elbow (ouch) attempting to catch a falling iPhone, we all collectively shook our heads knowingly. Good job, good effort, Darren. Can’t blame ya. Nothing kills like a shattered screen.

Recently, however, McFadden explained that he didn’t injure himself diving for a loose phone. Rather, he slipped on wet cement near a friend’s pool – in hand. Perhaps his focus on maintaining possession of his phone played a role in the nature of his injury, but the phone, itself, was not the cause.

With that, McFadden – who is expected to be back on the field at the start of the season next month – avoided Network World’s next list of real-life ways people have been using their phones. These other 25 people did not share his fate.